Ocula: Bridget Mullen’s Psychedelic Paintings at Shulamit Nazarian

Rory Mitchell, Ocula, January 11, 2023

Shulamit Nazarian ushers in the new year with a mesmerizing presentation of Bridget Mullen's latest paintings.


Made during Mullen's Headlands Center for the Arts Chiaro Residency Award, the Brooklyn-based artist's work was born from the rich and wild landscape of the Golden Gate National Parks just north of San Francisco.


'A few of these works began with a desire to articulate a somatic feeling so loud and persistent that painting body parts inside out seemed the only response. The goal is to run feelings through the obstacle course of my process and use the transmutative abilities of painting to reflect back an invention that resonates.'


Bridget Mullen: Sensory Homunculus (7 January–10 February 2023) is on view Shulamit Nazarian in Los Angeles.

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