Naama Tsabar: Recent Museum Acquisitions

Los Angeles County Museum of Art | Pérez Art Museum Miami | San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Congratulations to Naama Tsabar on her recent museum acquisitions


Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Pérez Art Museum Miami

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Kasmin, Shulamit Nazarian, and Spinello Projects are delighted to announce several acquisitions by North American institutions of work by Naama Tsabar, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California; Pérez Art Museum Miami, Florida; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California.

Naama Tsabar employs sculpture, photography, and performance to subvert the gender roles historically associated with musicianship. Appropriating and subverting the aggressive gestures of rock and roll and their associations with virility and power, Tsabar upends the implicit gender roles and coded behavior of music and nightlife.

Her most recent works and sonic installations weave together iconic actions and objects from rock music (the guitar, the amplifier, the microphone) with a more intimate portrayal of the artist’s body and its movement through, within, and into the surrounding architecture. The motifs of gender, disruption, destruction, and reconstruction recur throughout her work and performances.




Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Work On Felt (Variation 22) Purple, 2019. Acquired by LACMA.




Transition, 2019. Acquired by LACMA.


"An exciting addition to LACMA's vast collection of time-based media and artwork by women, Work on Felt (Variation 22) Purple and Transition by Naama Tsabar are compelling sculptural and architectural interventions of repurposed elements from string instruments and amplifiers to create inverted objects and cavities for sound that require the contortion and experimentation of performer and participant bodies for activation. Tsabar’s practice subverts power structures of historically male-dominated art movements such as Minimalism by creating relational transparencies and opacities."


—Christine Y. Kim, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, LACMA
This acquisition has been approved by the museum's Board of Trustees for accession. This acquisition was made possible by a grant from Artis.




Pérez Art Museum Miami


Work On Felt (Variation 8) Dark Blue, 2020. Acquired by PAMM.


"Empowering women and non-confirming gender individuals, Naama creates exceptional works that offer versatility of engagement and appreciation. It is important to include in our collection works that embody the experimental spirit of our generation, and her work does exactly that."


—María Elena Ortiz, Curator, PAMM




San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Work On Felt (Variation 2) Black, 2012/2019. Acquired by SFMOMA

Work On Felt (Variation 11) Black, 2019. Acquired by SFMOMA

Collection San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, jointly owned with KADIST, Paris / San Francisco.

July 17, 2020