Amir H. Fallah: CHANT

February 16

Shulamit Nazarian is pleased to sponsor CHANT, Los Angeles-based artist Amir H. Fallah’s grassroots effort to draw attention to the ongoing liberation movement for democracy and human rights in Iran. The inaugural presentation of the large-scale neon artwork is currently displayed on the gallery’s facade on La Brea Avenue. 



Interchangeably displaying "WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM" in Farsi, English, and the phonetic Farsi, CHANT flashes in the colors of the Iranian flag and in the languages of the Iranian diaspora. The sun in the center of the art carries significant symbolic weight for the future of the Iranian people, as it is an ancient symbol representing change, hope, and positive growth. The rallying cry—زن زندگی آزادی (zan zendegi azadi)—has now been heard around the world, thanks to the unwavering bravery of the Iranian people who continue to risk their lives by speaking out in protest against the oppressive regime.

"Visibility and public education are fundamental to this movement. Signage and bold messaging are crucial tools in the project of change, and CHANT is part of the greater effort to keep this movement alive in our communities worldwide."


Since the protests initially began in September 2022, media coverage of the protests has all but ceased. Fallah shares, “First and foremost, this project is a tool for public education, joining the demand for urgent change in Iran, using the power of art to elevate the dialogue, spark press coverage, and keep it in the public eye. The sun in the center carries great symbolic weight for the future of the Iranian people, an ancient symbol representing change, hope, and positive growth. CHANT is a visual statement that will help serve as a beacon for all those united in the struggle for freedom."




How the movement started


Since September 2022, the world has anxiously watched from afar as protests rage across Iran, ignited by the brutal murder of Jina (Mahsa) Amini at the hands of the Islamic Republic’s morality police. A young woman ultimately lost her life for the absurd crime of having her hair “improperly” covered, a profoundly disturbing affront to the universal human rights of personal autonomy and free expression. This act is not the first instance of oppressive violence in Iran. In the decades since its inception, the Islamic Republic has ceaselessly committed atrocities against the Iranian people, free from accountability — until now.


The Iranian regime systematically censors any efforts to shine a light on what is happening on the ground. It’s virtually impossible for information to be transmitted or accessed through traditional media in Iran, so activists worldwide rely entirely on boosting the cause through civilian journalism and social media. It is imperative that these accounts continue to reach as many people as possible through sharing and engagement.


IG accounts


"Many Iranians who live abroad dream of returning to Iran. They yearn to reconnect with the land they come from, experience its rich history, get in touch with relatives they have never met, and gain a deeper understanding of their past. While that dream seems to slip further with each passing year, these protests represent our best chance of finally ushering in an era of democracy and equality in Iran. We have an opportunity now to ensure women’s autonomy and religious freedom for all. We can give the highly educated youth of Iran a chance at success and see Iran returning to the global community." — Amir H. Fallah


Organizations to support


Once CHANT is sold, 100% of the proceeds will go towards organizations fighting for human rights worldwide, such as Omid Foundation, Amnesty International and The Center for Human Rights In Iran.


We encourage any independent support of these organizations as well, and to raise awareness about their work, so that protestors on the ground in Iran can receive as much aid as possible. 


February 10, 2023